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As the lawyer at the personal injury law office Jacob Regar Law, I believe in providing the best client service in the industry. My clients deserve nothing less. In fact, anyone that hires an attorney is owed the professional duties of loyalty, confidentiality, good communication, and zealous advocacy.


I place my clients' interests before my own. I believe this is the only way to practice law.

A lawyer must be honest with their client. The lawyer and client must be able to speak openly and directly with one another. Trust must be established and maintained. My clients realize that they can count on me because I genuinely do care about their lives.

When you hire me to be your attorney, you are making the right choice. And I am proud to deliver excellent service and a high rate of success.


No lawyer-client relationship can be successful without absolute trust. I agree with the principle that holds the attorney-client relationship is sacred. Our private conversations relating to your case are protected by the attorney-client privilege. But, I have a broader ethical duty to maintain client confidences and secrets.

Good Communication

The number one complaint from legal clients is that there attorneys do not offer good communication. Lack of communication can mean not promptly returning a client's phone calls or emails. It can mean not providing long enough discussions. This is a huge mistake on the part of the attorney and/or law firm. And this is not how I practice law.

There are two reasons why a lawyer or law firm do not provide quality communication: (1) they are carrying too many cases or worse, (2) they don't follow through with the promises they make in their advertisements.

When you call me at my office Jacob Regar Law, I will spend as much time as is necessary to answer your questions. When you email me, I will respond to you in a timely and organized fashion. When we have a client meeting I will explain and effectively prepare you for each phase of your case.

Every month I receive phone calls from people that have been injured in some type of accident and they already have a lawyer. They tell me that they can't reach their lawyer. Their lawyer does not explain their case to them. I feel awful when I hear these stories. I always tell the caller, you need to contact your attorney and tell them that you do not understand what is happening in your case and you want a thorough explanation.

Clients deserve quality representation. And a legal client should never feel intimidated or nervous about being direct with their attorney and saying, "I need to understand my case thoroughly." That is why it is my practice at Jacob Regar Law to ensure that my clients understand what is happening in their case.

Zealous Advocacy

In personal injury cases, zealous advocacy begins with the awareness of how the insurance industry treats injured accident victims. To speak plainly, insurance companies do not place fair values on injury claims. Insurers are very big corporations with one goal: make money. That is a good objective for their employees and shareholders, but it runs completely adverse to personal injury victims.

If you have been injured in an accident, your life may be harmed for months, years, or even permanently. You know what that means to you on a daily basis. You live with the pain, the extra bills, and the physical limitations. This creates plenty of stress. And the law gives you the right to recover compensation for your damages. You need a skilled attorney to work your case and constantly push to recover maximum value for you.

Getting injured in a negligence accident is not winning the lottery. There is nothing more important than your health. I understand this fact. And although I offer moral support and encouragement to my clients to focus on rehabilitating their mind and bodies after their accident, I cannot restore their prior level of health. But, I can fight to make sure the person that caused your injury and their insurance company understand the full extent of your damages. And although they may try to minimize the suffering that you know you live with daily, I will gather the evidence that proves your damages. And I will not let their dismissive and condescending view of you and your injury be the last word for your injury claim.

This is what I mean by offering you fierce representation. Jacob Regar Law is passionate about protecting your rights.

From Me to You

When you are injured because of negligence and you are trying to manage your every day life while healing from your injuries, you do not want to feel in doubt about your lawyer's commitment to you. When you contact my law office Jacob Regar Law, I take your case seriously, as if it was my own. This is the only way I know how to practice law.


Jacob Regar, Esq.

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